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JDM Car Cruise 7-8-17

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When: 7/8/17
Where: Port Canaveral, Fishlips

Black Ops Performance hosted our very 1st JDM car cruise, where we invited every JDM car owner we could find. People from our show-team, customers, friends. Everyone was welcome. We had a fantastic turnout with plenty of Skylines and Silvias, but also some more obscure JDM cars like a Subaru Legacy and a Toyota Cresta.

In the morning everyone met up at the shop. We filled our parking lot with INSANE JDM cars. Pictures simply don’t do it justice. As everyone showed up, we distributed the cruise stickers (pictured above) and gave everyone a registration form. Nothing too technical – just some basic car info and a number for the raffle.

Once noon struck, “we were outta there”. We lined up all the cars and quickly got some sweet photos, then began the journey.

Port Canaveral is just over an hour away from our shop. We headed onto the highway with the most neck-breaking JDM convoy anyone will probably ever see. I’m talking Skylines, Silvias, Toyotas and Subarus. It really was a scene out of Fast&Furious.

We made it to the restaurant and filled up the parking spots PERFECTLY. I’m sure whoever drove by got an eye-full. Rubbernecking was in full effect.

Lunch was pretty standard – Fishlips is a fantastic restaurant and they handled accomodating about 25 people just fine.

We ran the raffle and a handful of people got limited edition Black Ops Performance hats. Everyone got wristbands and keychains for participating.

We made our way back to the cars and got a few more photos of them all – who wouldn’t? We only had the coolest parking lot in central Florida.

A storm was starting to roll in. For some people this wasn’t an issue, but for others it was. I’m talking high power, rear wheel drive cars with 2-way locking diffs and track oriented tires. The rain didn’t hit until we were on the highway, and it hit HARD. Traffic slowed to about 40mph. The guys in the AWD cars – Subarus and GTRs – had no issues. Some of our crew in the R34 GTT’s had white knuckles gripping the steering wheel. But we all made it back safe.

To wrap up the day, everyone hung around and talked cars. We invited all the participants to the Black Ops Performance squad Saturday meet.



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