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“Definitely one of the best JDM experiences I’ve ever had. Black Ops will make sure you leave with a top notch car and a hassle free experience. Would recommend to anyone 10/10.”



“I recently purchased a 2004 Subaru Forester STI from Black Ops Performance. I’ve done business with them in the past with my R34 GTT. But the car has evolved beyond what I can daily drive. I need something with more space but still wanted something fun and JDM. I used their JDM car locating service and was able to pick out exactly the car I wanted. My car has many upgrades including a full HKS exhaust and a tuned ECU. Once the car arrived, Black Ops Performance sent the car to the local Subaru dealership for a full mechanical inspection. They then performed a full fluid service installed new tires and brakes. This is an amazingly fast and fun car and I highly recommend Black Ops Performance. If you’re looking for the hard to find JDM [...]

“My experience with Black Ops Performance has been nothing short of fantastic. They guided me through a complex import and titling process with minimal effort on my part and were totally upfront the entire way. I received the car in the exact shape as it was described (perfect) and for the exact priced that was discussed. No hidden fees, no service charges, no taxes on my end, nothing. Just a perfect out the door service with an out the door price. The guys at the shop are friendly and personable as well and I look forward to attending shows with them in the future. 5 stars.” -Aidan

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Helping a Skyline collector
“To Whom it May Concern, A review of my experience with John and Black Ops Performance.  I reached out to John in search of a specific vehicle to add to my collection of JDM vehicles.  Not only did he have the vehicle I was looking for but the color of choice as well.  He took his time to explain the process and procedure to secure the vehicle.  He also was very detailed about the condition and any issues with the vehicle that may have been of concern.  I chose to fly out an inspector to go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb, and other than a few minor issues that John was more than willing to get taken care of the vehicle was in excellent condition as described.   He allowed us to [...]

“John hooked me up with a great deal on my R34 and he even picked me up at the airport. He waited for me to get all my money rounded up and set up all the paperwork for no hassles. I will be purchasing more from him in the near future. The shipping to OKC was easy and with no headaches. I highly recommend @blackopsperformance”


“The guys over at Black Ops performance made it simple and hassle free when purchasing my skyline. They answer all of my questions and were straight forward and honest from the very beginning. Not to mention their prices are extremely competitive in this market where alot of other importers are trying to make top dollar. All of their vehicles are in excellent condition from top to bottom. I was truly impressed with the condition of my skyline when I saw it. They took care of the title process and registration for me and even delivered it to me in Miami. I couldn’t ask for better service. Thank you Black Ops Performance!”



“Someone backed into my car after not even having it two weeks there are zero parts for this car around. So i called black ops he answered on the first try and has taken absolute care of me. Found me a tail light almost immediately and saved me from buying a set from japan he’s kept in touch everyday to keep me updated and he found me and oem trunk lid which is basically impossible aquick Google search can confirm what a great guy to work with this situation could have went so far south and instead it went the other way.”

We car about our clients. It’s not just selling a car to us. It’s making friends for life. In many cases we are helping clients upgrade their JDM cars who are the 2nd and 3rd owners of [...]

“Whenever I was in the market for a Nissan Silvia I searched around and came across that Black Ops Performance had one in their inventory. I decided to go check it out and I instantly decided that I had to have it so I went ahead and put down my deposit. Black Ops handled all the hard work so all I had to do was wait. John, the owner of Black Ops, made sure that the transaction went smoothly and because of his awesome customer service I would definitely do business with them again. Since purchasing the car I’ve attended a couple of car shows with Black Ops and they always treat me as a family member. I couldn’t have picked a better company to go through. I highly recommend Black Ops Performance to anyone [...]

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