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How did it go from The Fast and Furious to the low and the dangerous?

I get it – it’s cheap to lower a car. You buy a set of wheels, camber the crap out of your car and slam it so it scrapes the ground and you’re part of the club.

No I’m not talking about the guys who actually go out of their way to do it right: air suspension, forged wheels, and more man hours invested than NASA spent to build a space shuttle.

I’m talking about the car you see every Saturday night. These guys running on the edge of their tires, weaving in and out of traffic with 20 horsepower and a fart can muffler. There so few high quality slammed cars out there and tons of cars are just plain dangerous. You [...]

“John hooked me up with a great deal on my R34 and he even picked me up at the airport. He waited for me to get all my money rounded up and set up all the paperwork for no hassles. I will be purchasing more from him in the near future. The shipping to OKC was easy and with no headaches. I highly recommend @blackopsperformance”


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The United States, and the majority of the world, drives on the right side of the road, and cars in these countries have the driver’s controls on the left side of the car (left-hand-drive). But many countries, including the United Kingdom, India, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand, are the opposite, driving on the left side of the road in right-hand-drive cars.

So, when a right-hand-drive car is in a left-hand-drive country, it’s already something unusual and different. People on the road gawk at it in bewilderment as it drives down the road alongside them, its driver in the part of the car where they’re expecting to see the passenger.

These, however, are more than just right-hand-drive cars cars in a left-hand-drive country. One is a technology-laden, turbocharged Japanese high performance car that has been the Holy Grail for import [...]

An Overview: Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T

The fire breathing baby brother

Click to see listing!The R33 GTS-T is without a doubt the best bang-for-the-buck in the Skyline world. The R32 GTS-T was not even close – the RB20 is a ticking time bomb that has even more problems than the R32 GT-R RB26. It was SR20 power with RB20 drama. But if you’re like me and like to throw your car a little bit sideways every once in a while the R33 GTS-T is a great choice.

What makes it so great?

The RB25 motor is awesome. A few bolt on upgrades and you’re good to go. On top of everything, the fact that you can pick one up front door 20-gram titled and out the door makes it a bargain. The powertrain is really pretty flawless and has almost no darkside. In my opinion the [...]

With the R33 becoming federally legal and far more easy to acquire in the near future, there’s been a lot of speculation about how far R33 prices will rise. Will they go up dramatically like the R32 did? Right now you can get an R33 GTR for about $29,000. That’s only a few grand more then a top-of-the-market R32. The R33 is far more difficult to acquire as it’s not reached the Magic 25-years number yet – but that’s not the issue.

The R33 has a vastly superior powertrain to the R32. The crankshaft is better, the turbochargers don’t blow apart. So why does everyone just jump over the R33? Why does it seem like the whole market either wants an R32 or an R34? I think the answer is simple: the car just looks like a [...]


The story of Black Ops' work truck


Over the years we’ve gotten a lot of emails and questions about the most used vehicle in the Black Ops Performance family. I’m talking about our 2001 Toyota bB open deck. Or as we call him, “Dave”.

We found him a few years ago hidden in the back of a warehouse at a performance shop in California, called ‘N1 Concepts’. The battery was dead and there were a few scratches. With the help of a few of our friends in California we were able to get him running and shipped back to our home base in Florida. We’ve done a lot of research on him and found that the open deck version of the bB is incredibly rare. It’s so rare that even the representatives at the LA Auto Show were unable to [...]

“The guys over at Black Ops performance made it simple and hassle free when purchasing my skyline. They answer all of my questions and were straight forward and honest from the very beginning. Not to mention their prices are extremely competitive in this market where alot of other importers are trying to make top dollar. All of their vehicles are in excellent condition from top to bottom. I was truly impressed with the condition of my skyline when I saw it. They took care of the title process and registration for me and even delivered it to me in Miami. I couldn’t ask for better service. Thank you Black Ops Performance!”



GTR vs. GTT?

Learn the differences!

We get asked a lot about the differences between an R34 GTT and an R34 GTR.

R34 GTR comes in a few different variants. The base model is the most common one you see. The V-Spec which features a more aggressive four wheel drive system and four wheel steering system along with a few display differences on the car’s MFD. There are two different versions of the V-Spec: V-Spec and the V-Spec II. The only difference is the year of the car V-specs are 99 and any V-Spec car built after that is a V-Spec II. Then you get into the incredibly rare versions like the V-Spec Nur Z tune S-Tune, M-Spec and so on. These are mostly just rare, limited edition versions of the V-Spec II.

When it comes to the GTT model it’s a little simpler. [...]

Some of us have been in the JDM world for a long time.

Back in the day, we used to have to sneak cars across the Canadian border and wait weeks for parts we needed to come directly from Japan. Now there’s an entire industry that supports the Skyline lifestyle in the US. Companies like Raw Brokerage stock almost everything you could possibly want. But some of the Skylines are becoming harder to find – the issue being quality, not quantity.

Back when the R32 was allegedly difficult to get, there were still plenty of decent cars to choose from. Now, people are scrambling to get anything they can and paying twice the price for it. Before the R32 reached 25 years old and became as easy as ordering some take-out pizza, it was rare in America.

You could [...]

The Nissan GT-R Has A Baby Brother You Might Not Have Heard Of

The lesser Skyline models actually have some nice benefits.

Full article originally posted on CarBuzz by Jared Rosenholtz

The Nissan Skyline GT-R is best known among American enthusiasts as the illegal beast the US market was never lucky enough to get. When the GT-R finally came to the US for the 2008 model year, it dropped the Skyline name and completely ditched the model that it had always been based on. Even though the GT-R is the top-dog model for enthusiasts, there are plenty of lesser-known Skylines that are actually pretty neat to own. Like the Nissan GT-T.







We spoke with John, owner of Black Ops Performance in Orlando, Florida, and JDM expert who helped us pen our guide for buying a JDM car in the US. Black Ops doesn’t just focus on importing GT-Rs, but normal Skylines as [...]

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