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  • 1999 Nissan Stagea RS (RB25DET!)



“Definitely one of the best JDM experiences I’ve ever had. Black Ops will make sure you leave with a top notch car and a hassle free experience. Would recommend to anyone 10/10.”



“I recently purchased a 2004 Subaru Forester STI from Black Ops Performance. I’ve done business with them in the past with my R34 GTT. But the car has evolved beyond what I can daily drive. I need something with more space but still wanted something fun and JDM. I used their JDM car locating service and was able to pick out exactly the car I wanted. My car has many upgrades including a full HKS exhaust and a tuned ECU. Once the car arrived, Black Ops Performance sent the car to the local Subaru dealership for a full mechanical inspection. They then performed a full fluid service installed new tires and brakes. This is an amazingly fast and fun car and I highly recommend Black Ops Performance. If you’re looking for the hard to find JDM [...]

JDM Car Cruise 7-8-17

Event Coverage

When: 7/8/17
Where: Port Canaveral, Fishlips

Black Ops Performance hosted our very 1st JDM car cruise, where we invited every JDM car owner we could find. People from our show-team, customers, friends. Everyone was welcome. We had a fantastic turnout with plenty of Skylines and Silvias, but also some more obscure JDM cars like a Subaru Legacy and a Toyota Cresta.

In the morning everyone met up at the shop. We filled our parking lot with INSANE JDM cars. Pictures simply don’t do it justice. As everyone showed up, we distributed the cruise stickers (pictured above) and gave everyone a registration form. Nothing too technical – just some basic car info and a number for the raffle.

Once noon struck, “we were outta there”. We lined up all the cars and quickly got [...]

Click “read more” to see our video coverage of Tuner Evolution 2017! We had a blast, and people loved our JDM cars.






Black Ops Performance is constantly working towards providing the best customer experience possible before, during, and after the sale. We are in the process of training new staff, along with upgrading our phone system to an 800 number for international clients and military personnel on deployment.


Black Ops Performance focuses heavily on finding quality cars in Japan. We’re a firm believer that it’s way easier to build a clean car than it is to fix a dirty one. However, these cars do come with one drawback we can’t ignore – their age. At almost 20 years old, some of the old lights are ready to burn out. They may have already dimmed or yellowed more than they should, leaving the car with an outdated look. We offer an LED light conversion – for both interior and exterior. Let us know if this interests you!

“My experience with Black Ops Performance has been nothing short of fantastic. They guided me through a complex import and titling process with minimal effort on my part and were totally upfront the entire way. I received the car in the exact shape as it was described (perfect) and for the exact priced that was discussed. No hidden fees, no service charges, no taxes on my end, nothing. Just a perfect out the door service with an out the door price. The guys at the shop are friendly and personable as well and I look forward to attending shows with them in the future. 5 stars.” -Aidan

Customer Testimonial 5

Helping a Skyline collector
“To Whom it May Concern, A review of my experience with John and Black Ops Performance.  I reached out to John in search of a specific vehicle to add to my collection of JDM vehicles.  Not only did he have the vehicle I was looking for but the color of choice as well.  He took his time to explain the process and procedure to secure the vehicle.  He also was very detailed about the condition and any issues with the vehicle that may have been of concern.  I chose to fly out an inspector to go over the vehicle with a fine tooth comb, and other than a few minor issues that John was more than willing to get taken care of the vehicle was in excellent condition as described.   He allowed us to [...]

If It Were Easy, Everyone Would Do It

Changing times in the JDM import world

When you’ve been dealing with JDM cars as long as we have, you learn quite a lot. And like everything else: some positive and some negative. You learn to keep your overhead low so you can provide the customer with a quality vehicle at a lower cost.

But most of all you learn to adapt with the times. Just a few years ago VIP cars were the big thing. You could sell Aristos, Cedrics and Presidents as fast as you could get them. Now you can just give them away.

Most people aren’t interested in performance. They’re just interested in cars that they can slam to the ground and go to the nearest car show with. Low and slow is the new trend.

We sell more high quality JDM Cars than anyone else. We sold more R34s [...]

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