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Low and Dangerous

How did it go from The Fast and Furious to the low and the dangerous?

I get it – it’s cheap to lower a car. You buy a set of wheels, camber the crap out of your car and slam it so it scrapes the ground and you’re part of the club.

No I’m not talking about the guys who actually go out of their way to do it right: air suspension, forged wheels, and more man hours invested than NASA spent to build a space shuttle.

I’m talking about the car you see every Saturday night. These guys running on the edge of their tires, weaving in and out of traffic with 20 horsepower and a fart can muffler. There so few high quality slammed cars out there and tons of cars are just plain dangerous. You know these guys, the ones keeping the used tire stores in business.

I had one of these guys pull up next to me a few days ago while I was driving my Version 6 Type R Subaru STi. I looked over and it was obvious that he wanted to race me. I just shook my finger and tapped the gas for a second – snapped him back into reality. Am I the only one who remembers guys with amazing old Corollas or lowered import trucks that just cruise around and didn’t have to try to race everyone from stop light to stop light? The sheer amount of work that went into the undercarriage and the paint job just blow your mind.

When did eBay Quality Parts become acceptable? I mean sure everybody buys stuff off eBay but it’s also known for the cheapest stuff on Earth. Some of these guys would buy coilovers made by Fisher Price and made of plastic if it were $5 less. The problem with supporting ONLY eBay parts is that it takes money away from real companies. You’re not only giving them money for the materials and time spent assembling the product, you’re giving them money for research & development for new products.

I’ve been a National Car Show judge for many years and I’ve watched the real show cars disappear and see cars qualify as show cars for just being low. I guess I just want to see more quality. I have a lot of respect for people who put time and effort into their cars and in a world of cheap easy and lazy the real cars the god cars stand out. If you have a car that you think qualifies for this feel free to post a picture in the comments. I like to hear what you have to say.

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